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Infrared Panel Heater
The infrared energy is a form of energy which does not use
spread through the air as opposed to the other forms. The systems
Infrared heat warms only 20% of the air and more
80% of the body. The biggest advantage of this method is
that in an environment with a pleasant temperature of the heat penetrates deep
the body.
For this reason the health benefits are particularly important.

What is infrared?
Infrared rays are
electromagnetic waves below the area of ​​red region
visible light, which cater to the health and well-being in
Unlike the ultraviolet rays. The infrared radiation is not
unrelated to the harmful ultraviolet radiation, which is responsible for
burns and skin lesions. The infrared waves are a
form of energy that can heat warms objects without
the air around them. The infrared radiation is used for
many years for therapeutic purposes and may be characterized as
absolutely secure. In everyday life the sun is he who is
the source of radiant energy. What happens when the sun
hidden behind a cloud? Although the air temperature does not
falls, we feel the weather getting cold. The clouds block
infrared radiation from the sun and at that moment we felt the
lack of thermal radiation.

The thermal infrared radiation emitted by the sun and
but also by the human body. The energy of infrared radiation produced by purely organic products and is a form
energy that heats objects directly without heating the
surrounding air. Much Influence of solar energy
consists of infrared energy.
The major advantages are:
• Complete central heating
• Lower cost than conventional heating (oil,
Gas, A / C)
• No space for a boiler room and oil tank
(Saving space)
• Does not require additional work (odd jobs, visible pipes
• It leaves the walls free for low furniture (saving space)
• Hygiene heating dries the moisture from the walls (protects
the building from erosion and is beneficial for health
people, heart, arthritis, etc.) (health-economy)
• Lower power consumption than the conventional way of heating less
by 50% and from A / C 80% (economy)
• It creates air currents inside the house (which creates a sense
cold, dust and movement of bacteria, viruses etc with air, particularly
important for vulnerable groups like elderly, children, frail
people, etc.) (Health)
• Zero annual maintenance cost (economy)
• If used as supplemental heat achieved great
economy in conventional heating (oil or natural gas)
• By placing photovoltaic system covers 100% of
heating costs (investment-income)
• Three-year warranty, unlimited life

We know that you already use infrared heating for a
decade in countries with very cold and damp as Germany, Austria, Canada
etc. as the main heating and has about 1,500,000 radiators
each year in the global market. The identification and development of
radiant heat in the health sector The first,
built the cabin infrared heating was Dr.. Tadishi Ishikawa
in 1967 in Japan. The system was used first by
doctors and the public was in 1981. Has been used successfully in the private sector and from doctors, therapists, treatment centers
and rehabilitation and clinics. The infrared heat is a key
supportive tool for therapeutics. Even in
incubators to warm newborns, used
infrared heating systems.

What is the advantage of infrared heating
The medicine is already known that some tissues and selectively
bodies absorb this energy. The infrared energy has a positive effect
a large part of the sick process. And other beneficial
The effects of infrared heat that penetrates deep, has a number of fields
use and has a positive effect on some diseases, such as: High and low
pressure disturbances
circulatory, kidney,
detoxification, stress, disease
nasal, laryngeal and
auditory system,
rheumatism, arthritis, infection
the joints, skin,
pulling muscles, bronchitis,
asthma, colds, aches and pains
period, lumbago, pain in
waist and pelvis, sciatica,
insomnia, sunburn,
digestive problems, fatigue,
pneumonia, abdominal pain
country stillness tips etc.
Muscle cramps / pain muscles will relax with the use of infrared and will return. So
This reduces the stress and pain will ease.

The infrared sauna helps to keep fit muscles,
even if you need to make a pause due to sports injuries.
It is proposed to be warmed up the muscles in the infrared cabin
sauna before
sports. In
This cabin
one can
come with clothes,
because of the deep
penetration of
heat source.
Passive exercise
of heart
vessels. The
heating gives
the ability to
disabled people and
with disabilities who are unable to bear programs
Exercise and fitness to exercise the traffic
system and blood vessels of the heart. The infrared heat help
to enhance the flexibility of this tissue is important for
injured ligaments, tendons and muscles. It also helps in
risk minimization injuries to athletes. Finally, it helps in
the edges of immobility. Sweat The deep cleaning of the body
achieved from the inside out with natural and healthy sweat. Sweat
people who used an infrared heating system,
compared with the sweat of people who used hot sauna
the air. The infrared sauna heat the human body loses 80%
20% water and other substances such as fat, cholesterol, fat soluble toxins,
heavy metals and acids. In a typical sauna body loses about
97% water and 3% other substances. Besides, the man sweats twice
more in a sauna with infrared heat than in a sauna
hot air. Generally the use of a sauna infrared heat instead
a common sauna is reached 2 to 3 times more sweat
3 to 7 times the amount of non-water substances in sweat 6 to 20
times the body weight loss detox: The infrared heat causes the removal of toxic
substances from the body and burning fat, a fact that supports positive
a slimming cure.
Cellulite is a gel component, which
consists of water, fat and unnecessary data is stored below
skin. The use of heat to deeper layers can bring back
balance the skin and help your body to expel all
unnecessary substances in sweat.


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