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Sole - Iliothermo - Eurostar - Alpha
EUROSTAR Solar Water Heater Manufacturer in Greece
Trust the leader in the field of innovative solar energy systems!Sole S.A. was the first Greek company to be involved in the renewable energy sources sector, since its foundation in 1974. Until today, it still maintains its leadership in the European solar water heater market exporting 70% of its production all over the world.

Sole produces solar thermal collectors, thermosyphon solar water heaters, compact solar water heaters and undertakes projects for sanitary or process hot water, room heating, pool heating and Solar Air Conditioning.

Technological Excellence
The philosophy and main objective, upon which SOLE was founded and developed, was, is and will always be the production of quality, high tech solar water heaters, hot water boilers and solar panels, and the ultimate satisfaction of the ultimate customer. Thus, the company has a specialized research and development department which constantly improves and develops the quality of SOLE products. All solar water heaters, boilers and solar panels are manufactured according to the ISO 9001:2008 , quality management system and certified for their reliability and performance by the EKEFE DIMOKRITOS, INTA (Spain), CERTIF (Portugal), CSTB (France) and TUV (Germany) and SRCC (USA) institutions.

The innovative technology applied by SOLE, is a result of long experience of the company’s personnel and responsible administration.

Big Projects
SOLE S.A. - Solar Appliances Manufacturer
It isn’t a coincidence that SOLE has undertaken most of the ambitious solar energy projects in Greece, as well as in many other countries.



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